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Don't let your beautiful WordPress site go up in SMOKE!

Malware, Injections, Scripts and other hacks are all threats to your site.

Security Enhancements starting at just $30.00

Regain control of your site now!

We can FIX your WordPress site!

Was your WordPress site hacked? Is your WordPress Site running slow?

Without the proper attention and maintenance most WordPress sites will become vulnerable to attack, develop performance issues or BOTH. Your WordPress web site is no exception!

If you just learned that your new or existing, expensive, beautiful WordPress site has been hacked, hijacked or is not performing up to par…it can be frustrating and disconcerting to say the least…however our team of WordPress experts can quickly troubleshoot and resolve just about ANY issue affecting your site.

Take a deep breath and relax. You’ve come to the right place, we are WordPress Experts and we’ve seen it all!

Not only that – once we have your WordPress site back under control, we can take it to the next level with our enhanced security, performance, monitoring, proactive management services that keep your site in tip-top condition with our WordPress Managed Hosting package that includes our 100% Hack Proof Guarantee!

Regain control of your site now!

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WordPress Help Line : 877-253-0272

Full repairs starting at just $30.00

– Repair service is billed on the quarter hour at $125 / hour
– 15-min min. during normal business hours (M-F 9am to 5pm ET)
– Rates and minimums will vary outside normal business hours and for emergency service.

Fast, Professional, Affordable!
Regain control of your site today!
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Don't just take our word for it, look at what our clients are saying!

Thank you, thank you, thank you – to everyone at Mosaic – they definitely know their way around WordPress!

The night before our big conference, our website suddenly went down.  After some limited troubleshooting, we went to Google and searched for WordPress repair shops and started making calls – after trying 3 or 4 companies without success – Jason at Mosaic was the first person to answer the phone.  

After a short explanation, Jason and the rest of the team at Mosaic quickly responded to the situation and within a matter of minutes, they identified and removed the malware that infected and disabled our WordPress site and within about 30 minutes our site was fully functional and back online.

Not only did they handle everything quickly and professionally, but they did it all with a smile in their voice! I was so pleased and impressed with their service, I decided to transfer the hosting of my website to their WP Shuttle Managed Hosting platform.

Since then, we have had ZERO problems with our site, the site is faster than ever and we are even seeing better visibility with Google!

I can’t thank them enough.  Great job and thank you for your service!”


– John Murphy, CEO
Complete Software

Why WP Shuttle powered by Mosaic?

30 Day Hack Free Guarantee. No Charge for Recurring Hacks for 30 Days After Your Site is Back in Your Control Fully Up and Running

Google 5 Star Rating. Highest Rating Awarded

Dedicated US Based WordPress Experts available to troubleshoot and resolve all issues.

We host, manage and optimize literally THOUSANDS of WordPress sites every year!

Delivering professional hosting and data center services since 1999

Delivering expert WordPress development, hosting and support since 2003

Sign up for our WordPress Managed Hosting and get our 100% Hack Proof Guarantee!


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